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Where do you find books related to Economics?

E-books databases related to Economics:

Most books in print related to Economics can be found in Bobst library in the following sections. To see which floor they are on go to the call number location chart.

HA 0001-HA4737


HB 0001 - HB 0847

Economic Theory.

HB 0848 - HB 3697

Demography. Vital Statistics.

HB 3711 - HB 3840

Economics--Business Cycles

HC 0010 - HD 0600

Economic History And Conditions.

HF 0001 - HF 4055

Commerce.  Tariff Policy.

HG 0001 - HG 1496

Finance.  Money.

HG 1501 - HG 4000

Banking. Credit. Foreign Exchange.

HG 4001 - HG 4285

Corporate Finance.Financial Management. Stocks.

HG 8011 - HG 9999


HJ 0001 - HJ 1620

Public Finance.

HJ 2005 - HJ 2239

Income & expenditure. Revenue.Taxation.

HJ 6041 - HJ 7980

Customs Administration.

HJ 8001 - HJ 8963

Public Credit. Debts. Loans.

HJ 9000 - HJ 9695

Local Finance