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LexisNexis REST API

Learn how to request access to the LexisNexis REST API at NYU.

Who is eligible for access to the LexisNexis REST API?

  • Eligibility:
    • NYU faculty and PhDs are eligible for access.
    • Faculty research assistants are eligible, but should have the faculty member they are assisting request access.
    • Masters students working on a thesis and undergraduates working on a Capstone may be eligible, pending approval.
    • All other individuals should first consult our Text Data Mining sources guide.
  • Permitted uses: Use of the API is limited to scholarly research projects or teaching. Personal, for-profit, non-academic research, or other uses of the API are strictly forbidden.
  • Mediated access: Access to the LexisNexis Web Services REST API is mediated by both NYU Libraries and the publisher. Technical skills (Python, JSON, XML) are required to use the API.
  • NYU-only: Individuals who are not currently enrolled at or employed by NYU cannot access the API under any circumstances (due to the terms of our license agreement). No exceptions.

Requesting Access

  1. Pre-work in Nexis Uni:
    1. Confirm that the titles you plan to text mine are available via LexisNexis.
    2. Preview and scope what your results might look like by experimenting with keywords and limiters. 
  2. Email the business and data librarians: 
    1. Use the form below:
      1. Research assistants: Do not request access on behalf of faculty. Please have the faculty member you are assisting reach out directly.
      2. If you are an undergraduate student who is not assisting a faculty member, confirm that you have first consulted the resources in our Text Data Mining guide to see if they will meet your needs. Describe why you need the REST API specifically.
    2. Describe your research project:
      1. News publications you intend to mine. 
      2. Anticipated search terms. 
      3. A description of the purpose of your research. 
    3. Be sure to reference this guide.
  3. Our librarians will reach out to you regarding next steps.

Email the Business Library Team