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The Palace Project App for NYU Libraries

An overview of the Palace e-reader mobile app for NYU Libraries.

In-Book Features

Access Menu Bar

Tap the middle of the page you are on to access the menu bar. The following details the menu bar options.

Table of Contents and Bookmarks

Tap the icon with three lines. The tab "Contents" displays an interactive table of contents that allows you to preview chapters and jump to a specific chapter. The tab "Bookmarks" displays an interactive list of all noted bookmarks. By clicking on a specific bookmark, you can jump to that part of the book. Bookmarks are only saved for the duration of your loan.

Palace app screenshot - Book pagePalace app screenshot - Table of ContentsPalace app screenshot - Bookmarks

Font Size and Brightness Settings

Tap the icon with two T's. This will bring up settings options for fonts and brightness:

  • changing the font,
  • the background and font color,
  • the font size, and
  • the brightness of the screen

Palace app screenshot - adjusting fonts and brightness

Bookmark Button

Tap the "flag" icon to bookmark the specific page you are on. The list of your bookmarks can be viewed using the "Table of Contents" menu option.

Switch between Palace Libraries

Tap the top left corner Palace icon. A list of all your subscribed libraries will appear. Click the library you would like use instead to switch between them.

Palace app screenshot - switch or add a library