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The Palace Project App for NYU Libraries

An overview of the Palace e-reader mobile app for NYU Libraries.

Finding Palace App E-Books in Bobcat

From NYU Library's catalog, users can see if a specific book is available to read in the Palace app. Click on a title in the catalog to open the details screen. The "View Online" section lists the places where e-versions of the title are available.

If the record is available in Palace, the link "Palace App (read this ebook on your phone or tablet)" will display.

Palace app screenshot - library catalog

To add the title to your Palace My Books bookshelf you can either:

  1. Manually search and add the title to your bookshelf from within the Palace mobile app
  2. Add the title to your Palace My Books bookshelf from the catalog itself

Adding Titles to the Palace App My Books from Library Catalog

  1. From the library catalog's "View Online" section, click the link "Palace App (read this ebook on your phone or tablet.)"
  2. Once directed to the Palace landing page, click the "Borrow this Book" button
  3. Once clicked, "Borrow this Book" will be replaced by a button labeled "Return."

To start reading your added book, go to your Palace app on your phone or tablet and tap "My Books." You should find the title there.

Palace app screenshot - Add title

Palace app screenshot - My Books bookshelf