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Text Data Mining

Resources for working with text as data, including corpus preparation, tutorials, data sources, and lists of tools.

Introduction of Elsevier Developer Portal

Elsevier Developer Portal provides non-commercial users free access to its text data via several API Products including ScienceDirect and Scopus, two of Elsevier’s largest databases.

  • ScienceDirect provides access to full-text journal articles and ebooks primarily published by Elsevier. ScienceDirect APIs provide access to peer-reviewed, full-text scientific, technical, and medical content from all scholarly publications indexed by ScienceDirect.

  • Scopus provides access to the metadata and abstracts of journal articles, conference proceedings, and ebooks from thousands of publishers, including Elsevier. Scopus APIs provide access to abstracts and citation data from all scholarly journals indexed by Scopus, but does not include full-text. 

NYU Elsevier API Product Collection Overview

Important: the data available depends on your institutional subscriptions and only when you are making calls from within your institutional network are you considered a subscriber. Use the NYU VPN if you attempt to access a subscriber-only feature when off-campus.

What is the difference between ScienceDirect and Scopus data?

Scopus indexes nearly the entire ScienceDirect database, but without the articles’ full text. Scopus builds the profiles and metrics using that data. The distinction between ScienceDirect and Scopus data is demonstrated in the diagram below. Additional information is available here.

Note: ScienceDirect cannot be searched using Scopus-native identifiers like AF-ID, Scopus ID, etc.

Get Started with Elsevier Developer Portal

What are the Elsevier Research Products APIs?

APIs (Application Programming Interface) are tools that allow for computer-to-computer interaction. Typically, API access requires technical skills including basic-to-intermediate fluency with Python, JSON, and XML. Elsevier Research Products APIs help researchers integrate Elsevier data into their work by providing access via typical API or via interactive API tools.

How do I start using the Research Products APIs?

  1. Log into the Elsevier Developer Portal using your NYU NetID.
  2. Create an API Key under the My API Key tab. 
  3. Once you have an API Key, refer to: 
    1. Getting Started Guide for Scopus APIs
    2. Interactive APIs to get familiar with the different APIs, see how to generate GET requests, and test their responses in a web page interface
    3. How to Guides for more in-depth explanation and use cases
    4. API Interface Specification for quick access to all Elsevier API endpoints