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NYU Florence Library & Online Resources: Faculty Services

Villa Ulivi Library info & NYU restricted and open access resources relevant to the academic program in Florence.

Course-related Bibliographic Support

NYU Libraries has 35 subject specialists who develop the Libraries' collection. They can:

  • help identify online books and journals and recommend databases relevant to your syllabus
  • provide advanced research assistance via email or IM chat to you and your students

See also Document Delivery

Please use the "Document Delivery" tab above for details about NYU Libraries' article and book chapter scanning services.

Copyright and Fair Use

Need to be more informed about copyright and fair use? Try these concise, readable guides:

NYU Classes Training

NYU Classes Training
NYU Classes website for providing training on using NYU Classes and information on linking to Library resources. The tabs above provide brief instructions for linking to different types of content within NYU Classes.

Creating a reading list with persistent URLs

How do I create a reading list (with links to full text) in NYU Classes?

You need to generate persistent URLs for the articles & ebooks you want to include in the reading list, then you need to paste the persistent URLs into NYU Classes. (Why persistent URLs?)

Where in NYU Classes can I paste the persistent URLs?

Anywhere you choose, but a suggested method is to create a Reading List subfolder within the Resources folder of NYU Classes. Here's how:

  1. Log in to your NYU Classes page.
  2. Click on the Resources link on the left menu bar. (show me)
  3. Next to the top level folder icon, use the Add dropdown menu. Choose Create Folder and name it Reading List. (show me)
  4. Next to the Reading List folder icon, use the Add dropdown menu. Choose Add Web Links (URLs). (show me)
  5. Insert the persistent URL (see instructions below). Give the article a brief name. In the description field, you can put the correctly formatted full citation. (show me)
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 above for each article you want to put in the Reading List folder.

How do I create persistent URLs?

  • Directions for creating persistent URLs for articles.
  • Directions for creating persistent URLs for e-books.

Alerting Services

Alerting Services provide regular electronic notifications to your inbox of newly published research, journal tables of contents and other types information based on user-specified criteria.

Featured Resource

Torrossa : Casalini Full Text

A collection of full text Italian research publications in the humanities and social sciences. Coverage includes monographic works, periodicals and conference proceedings in a variety of subjects.