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ArchivesSpace at NYU

This guide provides information and assistance on the usage of ArchivesSpace at NYU.

How to Request an Account

To request an account, please have your supervisor email the Admins Group at with the prospective user’s:

  • NYU NetID
  • First and last name
  • Repository/repositories to access
  • Roles required within the application (please refer to the Current Group Permission Settings)
  • Duration of employment (for student workers or term employees)

We will respond to your request within five business days.

How to Log In

Navigate to the and log in using your NYUHome credentials. Click on "Login using NetID" rather than the Username and Password fields. Access to ArchivesSpace at NYU is currently limited to NYU-NET.


ArchivesSpace login screen with username and password fields covered with a "no" symbol. "Login using NetID" link circled

If you are unable to log into ArchivesSpace but are able to log into NYUHome or various NYU Apps, confirm your ArchivesSpace account is active by emailing us at If you have forgotten your password or are experiencing issues across multiple systems, contact ServiceLink NYU.

User Permissions

ArchivesSpace account permissions follow the principle that a user should have the least privilege which is sufficient to perform their work. The Principle of Least Privilege supports overall system stability, system security, and ease of deployment. Users’ permissions are reviewed at the conclusion of the Fall and Spring semesters by the members of the Admins Group.

If you feel that your level of permissions are too low or high, please email us at

ArchivesSpace group permissions (updated July 2020)
Functions Admins ACM Archivists ACM Students

Special Collections


Digital Object Creators

Special Collections

Data Entry

Stacks Full Read Only Read Only
Transfer entire contents of repository                  
Manage this repository X                
Create/update accessions X X X X          
Create/update resources X X X X X X      
Create/update digital objects X X X   X        
Create/update event records X X X X   X      
Delete event records X X X X   X      
Suppress major record types X X   X          
Transfer major record types between repositories X                
Delete major record types X X X            
View suppressed records X X X X     X X  
View records X X X X X X X X X
Create/update classifications and classification terms X                
Delete classifications and classification terms X                
Initiate import jobs X X     X        
Cancel import jobs X X     X        
Create/update/delete subject records X X X            
Create/update/delete agent records X X X X          
Create/update/delete vocabulary records X                
Merge agent/subject records X X X            
Merge major record types X X              
Manage RDE templates X X              
Create/update top container records X X X X   X X    
Delete/bulk update top container records X X X       X    
Create/update/delete container profile records X X              
Create/update/delete location profile records X           X    
Create/run background job X X X X X X X X X
Cancel background job X X X X X X X X X
Create/update assessment records X                
Delete assessment records X                
Create/update/delete repository assessment attributes X                
Create/update/delete controlled value records X                
View contact details for agent records X                

This policy governs:

  • The creation, management, and deactivation of user accounts within ArchivesSpace

  • The granting and revocation of privileges associated with each user account

  • The authentication by which the user establishes a connection to their account

This policy applies to all ArchivesSpace accounts at New York University. This document includes statements on access control, privileges, authentication/password management, and the information required to request a user account.


Access Control

  • The creation, deactivation, and the changing of user accounts and privileges must be carried out only by trained and authorized staff (i.e. members of the NYU ArchivesSpace Admins Group).

  • Access to ArchivesSpace will be limited to the ArchivesSpace NetIDs of people who are members of the ArchivesSpace Google Group.

  • ArchivesSpace accounts must be associated with specific individuals, with the exception of generic accounts created to facilitate automated processes (e.g. API access, batch updates). Generic accounts must be approved by the Admins Group.

  • Accounts should never be deleted from the ArchivesSpace database; instead, when a user no longer requires access to the ArchivesSpace database, their account will be deactivated.

  • Accounts will be deactivated by following these three steps:

    • The ArchivesSpace username will be preceded with a “zzz_” in the ArchivesSpace database

    • The NYU NetID will be removed from the ArchivesSpace Google Group

    • Any repository roles associated with that account will be removed

  • Inactive accounts will be reviewed each semester to determine if any need to be deactivated.

  • Supervisors of departing staff with ArchivesSpace access will email the NYU ArchivesSpace Admins Group at to request ArchivesSpace account deactivation as part of the exit processes.

  • Accounts may be re­activated ­­after a request has been issued and approved by following the same procedures required for requesting a new account ­­by removing the “zzz_” from an existing username and then following the same procedure for the addition of any new ArchivesSpace account.


Managing Privileges

  • A user account should have the least privilege which is sufficient for the user to perform their daily work.

  • Changes in the privilege of an account must be authorized by a member of the NYU ArchivesSpace Admins Group.

  • Users’ privilege rights will be reviewed at the conclusion of the Fall and Spring semesters by the NYU ArchivesSpace Admins Group.


Authentication/Password Management

For authentication, ArchivesSpace will be integrated with the NYU Libraries Login application. Therefore, the password used to authenticate with ArchivesSpace will be managed externally and users will use the same password to login into ArchivesSpace as other NYU applications. Aside from admin passwords, no other passwords should be assigned within the ArchivesSpace application.


User Groups / Permissions in ArchivesSpace

In addition to System Administrators, there are nine (9) User Groups and 30 roles. Current user group permissions are listed in the "Current Group Settings" tab.