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ArchivesSpace @ NYU

This guide provides information and assistance on the usage of ArchivesSpace at NYU.

ArchivesSpace Overview

This site documents the usage of ArchivesSpace as the primary collections management system for archival collections in New York University's special collections repositories. It outlines our guidelines for local usage, hosts training resources for troubleshooting or assistance in specific functionality, details the workplan for implementation, and documents the processes undertaken for in-house and external development. Please consider this your primary reference resource in dealing with ASpace issues. The guide is searchable and will be updated frequently.

ArchivesSpace (ASpace) is an open source archival information management system developed and governed by a membership community. It is an integrated database application that promotes efficiency; accommodates data value standards for subject and name authority headings; and allows for the import and export of common data structure standards such as EAD, MARCXML, Dublin Core, MODS, and METS. It is informed by the data standards DACS, ISAD(G), and ISAAR(CPF), which helps promote data quality, reusability, and interoperability.

New York University’s archives and special collections repositories use ASpace to support our core archival functions and contribute to portions of various inter-departmental processes. We use it to record accession data that documents our knowledge of materials as they arrive, manage the arrangement and description of our collections, record and report location holdings information, manage digital objects, produce finding aids, and produce MARC records. We also use ArchivesSpace to assist in stacks maintenance, public services, statistics gathering, prioritization and planning, and aspects of our preservation and digitization processes.

We use ASpace to holistically manage our archival collections, and as such, consider it our system of record for what we know about these materials. We use it to create and reuse meaningful information that can then be utilized for different purposes. By centralizing this information, rather than proliferating silos of inconsistent or specialized information, we lower the risk of contradictory data or data that can only be understood for its original purpose, and lower the burden of maintenance or updating information in multiple places. Instead of viewing ASpace simply as a finding aid or metadata authoring tool, we view it as a management system - the place we create and track descriptive, technical, and administrative information about our collections informed by professional content and structure standards from which we can then produce different access tools that can be more easily discovered, accessed, and acted upon in ways that meet our users’ needs. Approaching our usage in this manner promotes interoperability, enables us to better standardize our practices across multiple repositories, and facilitates integrations with other related systems, such as Aeon, Archivematica, and our local preservation repository.

ArchivesSpace is open source and developed using a community membership model, of which NYU is a founding partner. Inherent in this development philosophy is the principle of the community as potential contributors in development, testing, and maintenance, with an eye toward local action that has a global impact. In this spirit, NYU contributes to the overall governance of ArchivesSpace, participates in features voting and prioritization, contributes to community discussion on various issues, shares locally created scripts and plugins, pursues development for functionality that can be useful to the broader professional community, and shares locally created policy documentation and training resources. For more information on NYU-funded development, please see the Local Development page.

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How to Log In

Navigate to the following site and log in using your NYUHome credentials. Click on "Login using NetID" rather than the Username and Password fields. We recommend bookmarking the site for ease of use.

Username: your NYU NetID

Password: your NYUHome password


Access to ArchivesSpace at NYU is currently limited to NYU-NET.

Help and Support

Please consider us your ArchivesSpace support desk and direct any questions to You’ll receive an automated response to let you know that your message was received and one of us will be in touch shortly. Centralizing this support ensures that your question is promptly answered regardless of people’s schedules, and having a more complete understanding of these questions will help us to better address them going forward.

ArchivesSpace People

ArchivesSpace Admins Group

Stacey Flatt, Processing Archivist

Anna McCormick, Librarian for Archival Arrangement & Description

Don Mennerich, Digital Archivist

Craig Savino, Senior Processing Archivist

Rachel Searcy, Accessioning Archivist

Weatherly Stephan, Head of Archival Collections Management



ArchivesSpace Technical Group


Flannon Jackson, DevOps Engineer

Joseph Pawletko, Senior Software Developer

Ekaterina Pechekhonova, Senior Software Developer