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Datastream Guide

Learn how to access and use Datastream and Worldscope at NYU Libraries.

What is Datastream?

Datastream is a global financial dataset that contains current and historical time series data on stocks, indices, bonds, funds, futures, options, interest rates, commodities, currencies, and economic indicators. It is accessible via two platforms: Refinitiv Workspace (RWS) and WRDS.

Access Datastream via Refinitiv Workspace

Not yet live. Check back for updates.

Datastream FAQs

Q: How can I access Datastream?
A: Datastream will be accessible via WRDS or via Refinitiv Workspace (RWS). WRDS access is live. RWS access will arrive sometime later this fall.

Q: What is the difference between Datastream via Refintitiv Workspace (RWS) and WRDS?
A: RWS access includes full access to every datapoint in Datastream, while WRDS only has select Datastream modules (consult the WRDS interface for the current list). Generally, Datastream via WRDS is more efficient for downloading and combining data.

Q: I prefer WRDS to RWS for accessing Datastream. When will all Datastream data be available via WRDS?
A: Refinitiv, the owner of Datastream, has not provided a timeframe.

Q: Where is the library's Datastream terminal?
A: NYU no longer has Datastream terminals, because Datastream's legacy software (which necessitated having a terminal) has been retired by the vendor as of Sept 30th, 2021. Datastream's web-based access options mean that you can now use Datastream on your own device.

Q: I am a faculty member or PhD. Can I still have the legacy Windows software installed on my PC?
A: No, the legacy software is no longer supported by the vendor or NYU.

Alternatives to Datastream