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Datastream Guide

Learn how to access and use Datastream and Worldscope at NYU Libraries.

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Datastream via WRDS Feedback

How easy was using Datastream via WRDS?
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Total Votes: 3
Were you able to get what you needed from Datastream via WRDS?
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No: 2 votes (100%)
Total Votes: 2

What is Datastream?

Datastream is a global financial dataset that contains current and historical time series data on stocks, indices, bonds, funds, futures, options, interest rates, commodities, currencies, and economic indicators. It is accessible via two platforms: WRDS and Refinitiv Workspace (RWS).

Access Datastream via WRDS

  • Datastream (Equities, Economics, Commodities, and Futures modules only)
  • Worldscope
  • Updated monthly.

(Access requires active NYU WRDS account.)

Access Datastream via Refinitiv Workspace

Datastream FAQs

Q: What is the difference between Datastream via Refintitiv Workspace (RWS) and WRDS?
A: WRDS only has select Datastream modules (consult the WRDS interface for the current list) and is WRDS is more efficient for downloading and combining data with other WRDS sources. RWS has access to all modules and the data is updated continually (as opposed to batch updates in WRDS).

Q: When will all Datastream data be available via WRDS?
A: Refinitiv, the owner of Datastream, has not provided a timeframe.

Q: Which platform is most similar to legacy Datastream?
A: Access via RWS.

Q: Where is the library's Datastream terminal?
A: NYU no longer has Datastream terminals, because Datastream's legacy software (which necessitated having a terminal) has been retired by the vendor as of Sept 30th, 2021. Datastream's web-based access options mean that you can now use Datastream on your own device.

Q: I can view a data point that I want in Datastream via RWS (DFO), but it says NYU does not subscribe?
A: All Datastream variables are visible, including those that are not sold to academic clients, in the DFO.

Q: How frequently is the Datastream data updated in WRDS?
A: Monthly. For the most recent date and time of update, please consult the WRDS Data Update Calendar. (Must log in with your WRDS account to view. Expand "Thomson/Refinitiv" and then look at the products beginning with "tr_ds_[...]".)

Q: In Datastream DFO, when I click on "Find a Series" or "Build Formula", the pop-up window is blank (all white with no content). How do I fix this? 
A: In Chrome, clear your cache, then deleted all your TEMP files.

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