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WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services)

Learn how to access and use WRDS at NYU Libraries.

Who can Request Personal Accounts?

Please note that personal accounts for WRDS are intended for high-level academic researchers, such as tenure track faculty members and PhDs.

Immediately eligible:

  • All NYU faculty
  • All NYU PhDs
  • All full-time NYU graduate students

Eligible as a Research Assistant, pending approved projects with a confirmed faculty supervisor:

  • Undergraduates

Account Registration: Step-By-Step Directions

All WRDS account requests must go through the below steps. Requests made via library support channels will be redirected to these steps. No exceptions can be made.

  1. Visit the WRDS account registration website.
  2. Select "New York University - Stern School of Business" when signing up. (Stern pays for our overarching contract, but any NYU grad student or faculty member may request an account.)
  3. Be sure to use your or email address when requesting account.
  4. Your request will then be evaluated and approved or rejected by NYU's WRDS administrator, typically within one or two business days.
    • If your directory information is incomplete or unclear, NYU's WRDS administrator may reach out to you to request that you provide proof of NYU enrollment or employment.