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How to use EndNote (for PC and Mac) to organize citations, format papers and create references and bibliographies.


I'm trying to install EndNote and I'm being asked for a product key. What do I do?

You need to unzip the EndNote installation package before you run the installation file, otherwise you will be asked for a product key. When you download EndNote, it comes in a zipped package ( Simply right click on the package and select the "extract all" option. This will create a new folder called "EndNote X9 Installer". Inside the folder will be an installation file (ENX9Inst.msi) and a license file. Double-click on the installation file within the new folder to avoid being prompted for the product key.

How do I get access to the fulltext of the articles in my EndNote Library?

In EndNote, go to EndNote X9 --> Preferences --> Find Full Text

  • Enter the "OpenURL Path" as
  • Enter the "Authenticate with" as
  • Click "Apply"

When you select EndNote records and choose "Find Full Text", you will initially be prompted to login with your NYU NetID and password, and then (within this pop-up window) you'll be redirected to the NYU Libraries site. You can click "Continue" in the bottom right corner of this pop-up window to allow EndNote to look for full text. Note: EndNote is only successful at locating fulltext approximately 40% of the time.

How can I remove duplicate results in EndNote?

Here are two methods for removing duplicates in Endnote:

How can I export citations from Google Scholar to EndNote?

  1. Connect to
  2. Click on "Scholar Preferences"
  3. Scroll down to "Bibliography Manager"
  4. Choose EndNote. Now all your Google Scholar results will be linked to or "Import into EndNote."
  5. Save your preferences when finished and return to search.

Which is right for me: EndNote or RefWorks?

RefWorks is available only online, while EndNote is software you load on your personal computer. RefWorks subscriptions are now available free to NYU alumni, and NYU-licensed copies of EndNote may be retained when you leave NYU. There are advantages to having RefWorks online: there is no software to load and it is available anywhere you are that is connected to the Internet. These are also disadvantages: you must be online to access your RefWorks database.

Some researchers prefer EndNote because they feel more secure with a local copy of their database. If you own a laptop, and are planning to do work in areas where there may not be a connection to the Internet (such as archives, or libraries other than NYU), you might prefer to get EndNote. Both programs offer the same ability to download results of searches from online databases and libraries, and the same ability to insert footnotes in papers and create bibliographies.

Does NYU Libraries provide classes for EndNote?

Yes. Classes are offered each semester. See the Library Classes page to sign up.