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How to use EndNote to organize references and format papers

Adding References from PubMed to Endnote

    1. In PubMed, perform a search and mark the references you want to export; use the dropdown menu to Send to “Clipboard,” Choose destination, Clipboard, click ADD to Clipboard.
    2. When you are finished with your search session, click on items you have saved in "Clipboard" (upper right of screen) ;
    3. Once you are in Clipboard,  click "Send to" in upper right of screen and in drop-down menu, select “Citation Manager”. 
    4. Then click on Create File.

    If you are using Firefox, you will be prompted to open the file with the ResearchSoft Direct Export Helper. After you click "Okay," EndNote will open and your references will be exported directly to your EndNote library.

    If you are using Chrome or Safari, an ".nbib" file will be saved in your Downloads, then you must import the file, using the following steps:

    1. From the EndNote "File" menu, choose "Import > File". Browse to, and select, the ".nbib" file (in Downloads).
    2. As your Import Option, choose NLM PubMed (if NLM PubMed does not appear in your list of import options, select "Other Filters" to find it in the full list of import options).
    3. Then click "Import". Your citations will be imported to your EndNote library.