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How to use EndNote to organize references and format papers

EndNote and Word

EndNote's Cite While You Write (CWYW) functionality enables you to insert in-text citations in a Word document while simultaneously creating a bibliography for that document. If you've installed EndNote on your computer, but you don't see an EndNote tab in your Word toolbar, check the CWYW FAQ.

EndNote 20 tab installed in Word toolbar

Adding a citation in Word

  1. In your document, position your cursor where you would like to insert an in-text citation.
  2. Click on the EndNote tab in the toolbar at the top of your Word document.
  3. Click on the small arrow next to "Insert Citation" icon (the button with the quotations) and select Insert Citation.
  4. Screenshot of EndNote Insert Citation menu
  5. Perform a search to locate the reference you want to insert.
  6. Select the desired reference(s).
  7. Click insert.

Changing your citation style in Word

  1. Click on the EndNote tab in your Word toolbar.
  2. Select a new style using the dropdown menu at the top of the screen.
  3. Your references will be reformatted in the new chosen style.