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Factiva Guide

A guide dedicated to navigating and searching the Factiva news database.

Company Search

Factiva also provides information on companies, industries and stock prices. Coverage is international, primarily publicly traded companies.


Coverage: international, primarily publicly traded companies

From the top Factiva menu, go to Company/Markets --> Company. Search by company name in the "Get Company Snapshot" 

  • Company Snapshot: general overview information such as location/contact, latest stock price activity, latest new, business description, industry classification, executives and more.
  • Latest News: news brief links to articles from Factiva
  • Web News: news from the web
  • Multimedia: access to audio, video content
  • Key Developments: mergers and acquisitions/ownership changes, bankruptcy, performance, corporate management changes, new products/services, funding/capital, regulation/government Policy, and  market changes regarding the company
  • Peer Comparison: compare a listed company with its competitors. You can display 10, 20, 50 or 100 companies.
  • Financial Results: key financial reports available for public companies: Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Income Statement,  Geographic Segment Breakdown, Key Ratios.
  • Ownership: listing of institutions that own company, including share percentage
  • Reports: report templates available from a drop-down menu for a Company Report, a Detailed Company Profile Report, Custom Report, Financial Report and and Ratio Comparison Report. Custom Report allows a user to build a customized report incorporating content from many of the channels within the Company Snapshot, including news, key developments and financial information. You can print and save these reports. 

company snapshot

Related Databases

Coverage: targeted news, reports, charts, analysis and financial data on 120 broad industries

From the top Factiva menu, go to Company/Markets --> Industry. Select an industry from the hyperlinked list.

  • Industry Snapshot: an overview of the industry by companies, subjects, industry classification, averages/ratios, and regions.
  • News: links to industry news with articles from Factiva
  • Peer comparison: compare a listed company with its competitors. You can display the Top 10, 20, 50 or 100 companies, or the Bottom 10, 20, 50, or 100 companies.
  • Analysis and Profiles: announcements of international market research from companies like Business Monitor International,, MarketLine, etc. See "Related Databases" for full access to market research reports.

Industry snapshot screenshot

Related Databases

Coverage: historic international stock prices

From the top Factiva menu, go to Company/Markets --> Quotes. With the Select Instrument drop down edit, you can choose one of the following: Stocks, Funds, Currencies and Common Market Indexes. 

  1. In the text entry box under Symbol enter the Dow Jones symbol. 
    • If you do not know the correct company symbol, click the Symbol Lookup link. Next, enter as much of the company name as you know and run a search, and then select the instrument you want from the results list. You may also search using a quotes list.
    • If you want to obtain multiple quotes and know symbols of the instruments in which you are interested, you can request up to 20 at time. Enter the symbols you want into the text-entry box, separated by spaces.
  2. Select the dates and the chosen format then click on Get Quotes. 

Quote Screenshot

Related Databases

Coverage: compare stock prices (up to 5 years) across companies

From the top Factiva menu, go to Company/Markets --> Market Data Charts. Enter company symbols, use Symbol Lookup or browse the Quote List.

  • You may chart up to 10 instruments; enter the symbols in the search box, using a space to separate them. 
  • Select the dates and the chosen format; you can also change the chart type an volume before clicking on New Chart. 
  • You can change your options at any time and then select Redraw Chart. 

Market Data Chart

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