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Factiva Guide

A guide dedicated to navigating and searching the Factiva news database.

Export Options

Check the box next to an article or set of articles in order to export, save or print. You can also quickly export the article currently in the right pane without checking any boxes.

Below are descriptions of the main buttons for exporting articles. You can also hover over each icon within Factiva for a brief description.

print icon Sends selected article(s) to printer

save icon Opens selected article(s) in a new HTML window

RFT icon Downloads selected article(s) as a rich text file

PDF icon Downloads selected article(s) as a PDF file

NOTE: All exports will include highlighted or bolded keywords from the Free Text Search box. You must manually remove this formatting after export.

Format Options

Once you select an export option, several format options become available:

  • Headline Format: headline*; search summary
  • Article Format: headline; full text; search summary
  • Headline, Article and TOC: table of contents for all articles; headline; full text; search summary
  • Search Summary Only: search summary

NOTE: If articles are selected and exported in bulk, all articles will be combined into one file. If you wish to export each article individually, it is recommended that you repeat the export process for each article.

*headline information includes article title, date, word count, and first few lines

Known issues with sharing and linking

Factiva does not allow users to access content from a shared hyperlink. Using the share button at the top of any article will generate a link but users will not be able to access the article. Likewise, the email icon allows article titles to be sent with clickable hyperlinks that stop at an invalid login screen.

Faculty and staff wishing to share articles via UBLearns should cite the article and direct students to Factiva in order to read.


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