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Factiva Guide

A guide dedicated to navigating and searching the Factiva news database.


Common questions and issues encountered while using the Factiva database.

Why am I receiving a "no search results" error message?

Error message: "No search results. This may be due to content restrictions on your academic account."

Content restrictions error

Not all sources are available to Academic accounts.  If you receive 0 results for any given Source search, it could be that the source is not available to you. 

If you are searching for a specific publication or article you know should be in Factiva, try modifying your results to include fewer keywords or more general terms.

If the problem persists, please contact the librarian listed on this guide.

Does Factiva provide news access via mobile app?

No. Factiva does not provide a mobile version of this resource nor does UB's subscription give you access to popular apps such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, etc.

You may be able access the traditional Factiva layout on your phone through the library website. There is a limitation within the Factiva authentication system resulting in some provider links not working on mobile devices.

What titles are available in Factiva?

ProQuest provides an Excel full title list indicating the publications and holding dates available in Factiva.

See the Publications tab for a frequently requested title list.

Can I export Factiva citations into EndNote?

It is possible to import Factiva citations into EndNote page. See the page Citations and EndNote for details.

How can I link to a Factiva article?

Factiva does not allow users to access content from a shared hyperlink. Using the share button at the top of any article will generate a link but users will not be able to access the article. Likewise, the email icon allows article titles to be sent with clickable hyperlinks that stop at an invalid login screen.

Faculty and staff wishing to share articles via UBLearns should cite the article and direct students to Factiva in order to read.