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Finance and Financial Data

Access NYU Libraries' premier company and finance research collections.

Finance FAQs

Q: Where can I find EBITDA?
A: Use Thomson ONE, Capital IQ, or Bloomberg.

Q: How do I find constituent lists?
A: Use the MEMB <GO> command in Bloomberg. Email us if this doesn't meet your needs.

Q: I need high frequency / tick / intraday data. What are my options?
A: Use either Bloomberg (intraday data for the last 30 to 90 days using the GIT command) or WRDS TAQ.

Q: Does NYU have LOBSTER data?
A: Not through NYU Libraries. Your school or department may be purchasing LOBSTER data in some form, but please know that it is typically licensed for use by only a single individual.

Q: I need a very large financial dataset to run through and/or train my ML/AI protocol. What product is best for that purpose?
A: Use Datastream, WRDS, or a public financial API.

Q: Does NYU have access to Factset, Preqin, Bureau Van Dyk, Crunchbase, or other financial products I'm not seeing on this guide?
A: Not through NYU Libraries. Other schools, departments, or units within NYU may be purchasing these products.

Q: Where can I find delisted or dead stocks?
A: Use Global Financial Data, Datastream, or WRDS.

Q: Does NYU Libraries provide data feed access to any of their products?
A: No. Our academic subscriptions do not include true, corporate-style data feed access. Our APIs are intended for academic research only, and cannot serve as a substitute for a data feed subscription.