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Finance and Financial Data

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What are quarterly earnings calls and why are they useful?

Every quarter, a company's leadership holds an earnings call with investors and analysts to update them on the status of the company. These calls are closely scrutinized by financial professional and the business press for new insights. The transcript of these calls are broken out into the prepared remarks of C-suite leadership and analyst question. Students can use quarterly earnings call transcripts to:

  • Glean the most current information and data about a company's revenue, strategic direction, etc directly from company leadership.
  • See how the company is proactively/reactively positioning themselves ("optics" / "spin").
  • Discover what issues analyst are probing via their questions to determine what those in industry think are key to understanding the performance of the company. (Keep in mind that some companies have a reputation for controlling what questions analysts can ask.)

Finding Quarterly Earnings Call Transcripts In Thomson ONE


  1. Search for your company by name or ticker.
  2. Click "Research" in the navigation bar.
  3. In the "Contributor" field, search for "Streetevents" and select "Thomson Reuters Streetevents".
  4. Adjust the date range if you don't get any results.

Finding Quarterly Earnings Call Transcripts In Factiva


  1. Under "company", search for and add the company name using the blue up arrow.
  2. Under "subject",  search for and add the "transcripts" using the blue up arrow.
  3. Add the words "and earnings call".
    1. OR, under "source", search for and add "CQ FD Disclosure" or "Seeking Alpha" using the blue up arrow. (These are the two major earnings call transcript providers.)
  4. Adjust the date range or sort by "most recent first" if necessary.
  5. Example searches:
    1. fds=teslmi and ns=ntra and rst=fndw. This is a search for "Tesla" and "transcripts" and "CQ FD Disclosure".
    2. fds=teslmi and ns=ntra and earnings call. This is a search for "Tesla" and "transcripts" and the words "earnings call".