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Gender and Sexuality Studies

This guide provides an overview of gender and sexuality studies resources and materials available through NYU Libraries and beyond.


This guide gives an overview of resources and materials available at NYU Libraries (and beyond!) for research and instruction in gender and sexuality studies. Use the menu in the sidebar to navigate this guide.

Ready to jump in? Here are the top 4 things to know about starting your research in gender and sexuality studies:

  1. Scholarly articles are indexed by two core databases:
  1. Background information and broad overviews of a topic can be found in reference works, such as:
  1. Manage all materials you find from various sources using a bibliographic management tool like RefWorks or Zotero to save, organize, and format all your citations.
  1. Ask me when you get stuck or have a question! I'm here to help with your research needs--just email me at

Judith Butler On Gender

Gender and Sexuality Studies at NYU

Scholars of gender and sexuality studies are situated across schools, departments, and other academic structures at NYU.  Below is a selection of programs where there is a large concentration and/or explicit focus.

Gender & Sexuality Resources at NYU

Wellness Exchange 2020

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Virtual Drop-in Hours

Call (212) 443-9999 to make arrangements for a virtual drop-in.

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