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Political Science

This guide will point you to the best places to find books, articles and other sources of information for your Political Science courses.


Comparative Politics 

Comparative politics is the comparative study of other countries, citizens, different political units either in whole or in part, and analyzes the similarities and differences between those political units. Comparative politics also entails the political study of non-US political thought. Here are a few tips when choosing resources for comparative political research:

  • Use a subject encyclopedia to research major comparative political theories and concepts.
  • Use country profiles to locate basic information, facts, and statistics about individual countries.
  • Search for research articles in a general article database such as EBSCO Discovery.  
  • Use a subject database such as PAIS to locate political-specific articles.

Background Resources

Country Profiles

This section includes databases that provide detailed profiles of most countries worldwide. Country profiles include basic country facts and figures such as population, capitol cities and so on. They also provide brief summaries of geography, environment, history, current politics and economics.

Key Subject Databases

Subject-specific databases provide articles and resources solely within a specific discipline. This section lists the best political science databases providing coverage of scholarly literature across all major political science areas and sub-disciplines including comparative politics.

Comparative Politics Data Resources