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Political Science

This guide will point you to the best places to find books, articles and other sources of information for your Political Science courses.


Political science studies at New York University are focused on the theory and practice of politics at the domestic and international levels. Major areas covered in the NYU curriculum include quantitative and formal political analysis, political methodology, American politics, political theory, comparative politics, and international relations. This guide provides a variety of online resources for students and researchers of political science and other related disciplines.

Political Science Subject Databases

Subject-specific databases provide articles and resources solely within a specific discipline. This section lists the best political science databases providing coverage of scholarly literature across all major political science areas and sub-disciplines.

Scholarly, Multidisciplinary Databases

The following databases offer access to leading scholarly and peer-reviewed academic journals across most academic disciplines. We also introduce you to open access databases containing publications you may be unfamiliar with called working papers. Working papers are  scholarly articles in the process of development for submission and publication to scholarly journals. Because working papers are not yet peer-reviewed, their quality can range widely. However, they can still provide you with a wealth of scholarly information on a topic, along with references that can lead you to other useful articles.

Journals & Articles

Academic, scholarly, and peer-reviewed journals and articles are considered appropriate sources for college-level research and political science writing assignments. However, you might also need to use general magazines and newspaper articles. Here are a few tips when searching for journals and articles:

  • Start your research with a general database such as ProQuest Central.
  • For political science articles use a subject database such as ProQuest Political Science.
  • If your assignment requires the use of scholarly, academic, or peer-reviewed journal articles, use a database such as JSTOR.

General Article Databases

The two largest general academic databases are EBSCOhost and ProQuest Central. Known primarily by their vendor names, EBSCO and ProQuest are aggregators of individual databases that use a single search interface. Each contains a combination of full-text and citation databases and each provides a varied mix of scholarly journals, trade publications, general magazines, and newspaper resources. EBSCO and ProQuest are also multidisciplinary, which means they cover a wide range of subject areas.