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Psychological, Health, and Educational Tests

This guide presents a selection of online and print resources related to test instruments in the fields of psychology, health, and education.

Ethics & Research Involving Human Subjects

On this page you will find resources to learn more about the ethics involved with conducting research. Although many of the resources here are in the field of psychology, you will find specific information below about NYU policies and protocols concerning research on human subjects.

Research Involving Human Subjects

University Committee on Activities Involving Human Subjects (UCAIHS)

  • At NYU, all research involving human subjects (funded or not funded) must be reviewed and approved by the University's Institutional Review Board (IRB) before being carried out. The UCAIHS, which serves as NYU's IRB for Washington Square units, is authorized by the federal government to review and approve research involving human subjects. Their site will help you:

    • Determine if your work must be reviewed and approved by the UCAIHS;
    • Understand federal regulations and NYU policies concerning human subjects in research;
    • Prepare an application for review and approval to the UCAIHS;
    • Respond to any concerns or requested revisions the UCAIHS may request after the initial review.

Social Psychology Network

  • Maintained by Scott Plous, Professor of Psychology at Wesleyan University, Social Psychology Network is one of the largest internet sites devoted to psychological research and teaching. Comprehensive and scholarly, this site boasts over 20,000 links related to psychology that are separated by subject area, with Research Ethics and Institutional Review falling under the Research Methods and Statistics section. Useful links include: