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Psychological, Health, and Educational Tests

This guide presents a selection of online and print resources related to test instruments in the fields of psychology, health, and education.


This guide:

  • presents an overview of the "tests and measures" literature;
  • links to pertinent resources for finding information (e.g., psychometric properties) about a test or measure; and
  • suggests options for finding full-text tests and measures.  

Please use the menu to navigate this guide's content.

Getting Started: Important Teminology

  • Published tests and measures are available directly from commercial publishers for a fee and typically are accessible only to qualified/certified professionals.
  • Unpublished tests and measures are not sold through a publisher and sometimes are available in journal articles, dissertations, other types of research-based literature, or online.
  • For more information on this distinction and how it affects a test or measure availability, please see the Finding a Full Test page of this guide.