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Psychological, Health, and Educational Tests

This guide presents a selection of online and print resources related to test instruments in the fields of psychology, health, and education.

Print Resources that provide actual instruments

Print resources that provide reviews and/or purchasing information

Print resources that discuss the development of tests, use of tests, how tests function, or terminology associated with tests

Sample BobCat Search Terms

To search by subject in BobCat, go the the drop-down menu under the search bar and select "In subject" rather than "Anywhere in the record." Some examples of helpful subject headings are listed below. These subject headings may lead to resources that provide information about tests and measures, such as: reviews of tests, descriptions of tests, development of tests and measures, etc. (This list of subject headings is not comprehensive.)  

  • Achievement tests
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Attitude (Psychology) -- Testing
  • Behavioral assessment
  • Behavioral assessment of children
  • Behavioral assessment of teenagers
  • Character tests 
  • Competency-based educational tests 
  • Criterion-referenced tests
  • Educational Indicators 
  • Educational Measurement
  • Education, Tests and Measurements
  • Educational Testing Service
  • Educational tests and measurements 
  • Examinations
  • GED Tests
  • Health risk assessment
  • Health Status Indicators 
  • Intelligence Tests
  • Neuropsychological tests
  • Pain Measurement
  • Personality Assessment
  • Personality tests
  • Psychiatric rating scales
  • Psychiatric Status Rating Scales
  • Psychodiagnostics
  • Psychological Tests
  • Psychological tests and testing
  • Psychological tests for children
  • Psychometrics
  • Test anxiety
  • Test bias  
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • Test-taking skills 

In addition, databases such as:

As well as others that offer extensive indexing which may lead to other resources pertaining to tests and measures. This research guide also provides a list of suggested databases and their descriptions.