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Qualitative Data Analysis

This guide provides information and guidance for researchers interested in conducting qualitative data analysis.


A spin on the phrase "tag it!", Taguette is a free and open source qualitative research tool (which works on all operating systems!). With Taguette, users can import PDFs, Word Docs (.docx), Text files (.txt), HTML, EPUB, MOBI, Open Documents (.odt), and Rich Text Files (.rtf).

After uploading documents, users can highlight words, sentences, or paragraphs and tag them with the codes you create. All the work you do in Taguette is completely exportable, including tagged documents, codebooks, highlights for a specific tag, highlights for all tags, and a list of tags with their descriptions.

Users can upload documents in any language to Taguette. The interface is currently available in English (US), French, German, Italian, and Spanish. You can find more information about using Taguette via the getting started guide and FAQ.

Ways to Use Taguette

You can install Taguette on your own computer with instructions and files from

If you need to collaborate on your qualitative project, you can use the free online server maintained by the developers of Taguette at

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