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Qualitative Data Analysis

This guide provides information and guidance for researchers interested in conducting qualitative data analysis.

Resources for Comparing QDA Tools

There are a variety of Qualtiative Research/ QDA resources and comparison tutorials available online for free. Below are a few that have been selected for their relevance to the tools available to the NYU community.

  • Fielding N. (1995). 'Choosing the Right Software Package', ESRC Data Archive Bulletin January SHORT
  • Lewis, B. (2004). 'NVivo 2.0 and Atlas.ti 5.0: A Comparative Review of Two Popular Qualitative Data-Analysis Programs', Field Methods 16(4) 439-469
  • Bird, K. (1995). Computer-Aided Qualitative Data Analysis: Theory, Methods and Practice. United Kingdom: Sage Publications (CA).​


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