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Qualitative Data Analysis: Voyant

This guide provides information and guidance for researchers interested in conducting qualitative data analysis.

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Voyant logo with VOYANT in charcoal lettering and an Owl in the O, stubtitled "see through your text"Voyant is a web-based text analysis tool designed to "facilitate reading and interpretive practices [...]"

With Voyant, you can upload or paste in a corpus of text and get some visualizations and analyses right in your browser. After uploading your corpus, you have 5 immediate panes:

  1. Cirrus (word cloud)
  2. Reader (displays your text)
  3. Trends (frequency of terms throughout text)
  4. Summary (summary statistics)
  5. Contexts (keywords with surrounding text)

Installing Voyant

To install Voyant on your own laptop or server, you first need to install the Java Development Kit:

After that, follow these instructions: and make sure you find the latest version from Voyant's GitHub: