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Accessibility at NYU Libraries

Guide to support academic accommodations and accessibility at NYU Libraries.

Top 10 Tips for making emails more accessible!

NYU Libraries Mass Email Best Practices (Google Doc)

  1. Write a meaningful subject line
  2. Avoid big blocks of text; keep text concise
  3. Write in plain language and avoid acronyms
  4. Use structured (numbered) and unstructured (bulleted) lists to organize your email
  5. Choose an accessible font for your emails (i.e. Verdana in Gmail) & use 12pt or higher
  6. Don't use different color fonts and sizes
  7. Describe any images you use and avoid using images of text (if the email application allows for it, add alt text to any images you include)
  8. Use contextual links
  9. Use bold and italics at a minimum
  10. Avoid using all CAPITAL letters

Accessibility Functionality of Gmail

Tips for making your emails more accessible

Images in Gmail

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