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Accessibility at NYU Libraries

Guide to support academic accommodations and accessibility at NYU Libraries.

General Document Accessibility

When creating documents that are accessible, clear structure is a fundamental rule of accessibility that can be applied to content in a range of digital formats including Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and PowerPoint.

Top 10 Tips for making documents more accessible!

  1. Structure your content:
    • use heading structure properly
    • use lists 
    • shorter paragraphs
  2. Apply consistent layouts to your documents to keep viewers oriented from one page to the next
  3. Write in plain language
  4. Choose accessible fonts and size, i.e. Arial, Times New Roman, or Verdana and use white space (consider using
  5. Avoid using color to convey meaning
  6. Ensure high color contrast
  7. Make links contextual
  8. Describe any images that are included in your documents by adding alt-text and avoid adding images of text
  9. Provide captions to images
  10. Caption and transcribe any media you include