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Career Resources at NYU Shanghai

This guide shares career related resources and services for NYU Shanghai students.

Bloomberg Global Trading Challenge

The Bloomberg Global Trading Challenge is an international university investment competition hosted by Bloomberg. Last year, ten teams from NYU Shanghai participated in it with four teams ranked top 20 in Asia and two teams ranked top 50 globally. The "Shanghai Bulls'' team, with members from the Class of 2026, Zhang Dong, Qian Jiaqi, Han Xiaoyong, Xue Yuxiang, and Liu Zhaodong, ranked 5th in Asia and 25th globally and earned $123k USD during the month-long competition.

* NYU Shanghai Students who are interested in joining the competition could contact Faculty Advisor Prof. David Yu at by Sept. 27, 2023. You can form a group of 3-5 members on your own or contact Prof. Yu to match you with a team if you are a single applicant.

Timeline (New York Time)

  • Registration Opens, August 28 2023 9:00 a.m. 
  • Registration Closes, September 29, 2023 5:00 p.m. 
  • Challenge starts, October 09, 9:00 a.m. 
  • Starting positions entered no later than, October 16, 9:00 a.m. 
  • Challenge ends, November 17, 5:00 p.m. 
  • Winners announced, November 21, 2023

Registration Information

  • Teams need to have 3-5 registered student participants with one faculty advisor to compete.
  • Each team will participate through the Team Captain’s registered login. The Team Captain must have a Bloomberg Terminal login and a Bloomberg for Education Web Portal account - obtaining a portal account is free by visiting BCER<go> on a Bloomberg terminal.
  • Team members can create their own Bloomberg Terminal logins for the purposes of using the Terminal to discover, develop and test trade ideas, but the Challenge will be managed by a single designated captain’s login name.
  • NYU students can submit an unlimited number of teams.
  • Registration Link
    • If you see "Account must be linked to a valid Bloomberg Terminal login. To link, please visit an on-campus Bloomberg terminal, visit BCER<GO> and click LOGIN", you need to submit the registration through one of the Bloomberg Terminals in the library.
    • Click on Log In with SSO (see screenshot below). Do not use your username and password to log in which cannot activate the connection between your account and registration page.

                     Bloomberg Log In with SSO

Supporting Resources

CFA Institute Research Challenge

The CFA Institute Research Challenge is an annual global competition that provides university students with hands-on mentoring and intensive training in financial analysis and professional ethics. Each student will be tested on their analytical, valuation, report writing, and presentation skills. They gain real-world experience as they assume the role of a research analyst. Find more information through its official website.

* NYU Shanghai Students who are interested in joining the competition could contact Faculty Advisor Prof. David Yu at


  • January - February, Eastern China Area Final Presentations
  • March, Sub-Regionals
  • April, Regional Semifinals and Finals
  • May, Global Final

Registration Information

Company & Equity Research Resources

HSBC Mainland China Business Case Competition

As a segment of HSBC/HKU Asia Pacific Business Case Competition, HSBC Mainland China Business Case Competition is a public welfare event organized by Shanghai United Foundation, sponsored by HSBC Bank(China), and supported by ACRC. The limited-time English competition will strengthen participants’ hard skills, including business analysis and English defense. And the employment empowerment workshops in the whole process will greatly improve participants’ soft skills, including future career planning ability. This competition consists of north China and south China regional competitions, and each section plans to invite 16 teams. Find more information through Competition Handbook.

* NYU Shanghai is one of the teams in the south China section. We will recruit a team of 4 undergraduates for this competition in the first year. Please submit your transcript, resume, and a statement of reasons for interest by Monday, Feb 27, 12 PM to will be a GPA/CV/interview selection process if more than 4 students apply.


  • February 18, Online pre-competition briefing session | RSVP
  • March 22, Pre-competition coaching and Q&A
  • March 25, Distributing cases
  • March 25 - 29, Completing and submitting the proposal slides and presentation video
  • April 1, South China Regional Competition (online)
  • April 21 - 22, HSBC Mainland China Business Case Final Competition (Top 2 winning teams will be eligible for HSBC Asia Pacific Business Case Final Competition.)

Competition Archives

Business Case Resources



Videos/Learning Courses  - Access through LinkedIn Learning

  • Business Analytics Foundations: Descriptive, Exploratory, and Explanatory Analytics (2021)
  • Business Analysis Foundations: Strategy Analysis (2022)
  • Business Development Foundations: Researching Market and Customer Needs (2018)
  • Digital Technologies Case Studies: AI, IOT, Robotics, Blockchain (2020)
  • Ecommerce Success Stories (2021) 
  • How to Succeed in a Case Study Interview (2020)
  • Marketing Strategy Case Studies from Leading Brands (2022) 
  • Speaking Confidently and Effectively (2020)

L'Oréal Brandstorm

L'Oréal Brandstorm is a worldwide innovation competition open to everyone under 30. Get the opportunity to be mentored by L’Oréal business experts, stay in touch with recruiters, and win the Intrapreneurship missions. Check out its official website to learn more about this competition! This year, NYU Shanghai is again selected as a Partner School of BRANDSTORM China. At least One Winner from NYU Shanghai will compete in the China National Final!

Mission in 2024: Reinvent the Future of Professional Beauty Through Tech


  • Open to all students from all nationalities who will be in Shanghai in Spring, 2024.
  • A selected team must have 3 members with at least 1 Chinese National. Diversity of disciplines and backgrounds is highly encouraged among team members.
  • Mentorship & Special Walk-in Hours: Faculty and Industry professionals will be invited to provide insightful guidance and support. CCD will open special walk-in hours throughout the whole competition. Stay tuned for more details!
  • Registration link; deadline: Feb. 4th, 2024.


  • Feb 4th, 2024: NYU Shanghai first round deadline, Idea submission
  • March 1st, 2024: NYU Shanghai second round deadline, Video submission
  • The week of March 18, 2024: NYU Shanghai Final
  • TBC *L'Oréal China National Final

Beauty & Cosmetics Research Resources

Technology Research Resources

L'Oréal Research Resources

Other Recommended Resources

Past Competitions

NYU Shanghai Consulting Case Competition

Welcome to the 2nd NYU Shanghai Consulting Case Competition (NYUSHCCC)! Embark on a 5-week adventure featuring training workshops, group mentoring sessions, and collaborative case analysis.

1st Competition Recap: Collaborate, Compete, Consult: NYU Shanghai’s First Consulting Case Competition


  • Jan 29th, Kick Off Day RSVP | Case Competition Orientation, Case Announcement, Library Research Workshop 
  • Feb 25th, Bootcamp | Structured Thinking &  Problem-solving, Structured Communication, Case Interview Training
  • March 2-3th, Group Mentoring
  • March 9th, Presentation Day


  • Open to all NYU Shanghai students (Undergraduate and Graduate) and study away students who are studying at NYU Shanghai in the 2024 Spring
  • A selected team must have 3 to 4 members, with at least 2 members physically in Shanghai
  • Registration link
  • Registration deadline: Jan. 30th, 2024, 11:59 PM
  • Case Handbook: Case background, proposal requirements, rubric, guest speakers, judges & mentors, etc


Industry, Company & Consumer Research Resources

Videos/Learning Courses  - Access through LinkedIn Learning

  • Generative AI
    • Generative AI: Introduction to Large Language Models (2023)
      Generative AI for Business Leaders (2023)
    • Scaling Generative AI: Building a Strategy for Adoption and Expansion (2024)
  • Product Strategy
    • Product Management: Building a Product Roadmap (2022)
    • Product Management: Building a Product Strategy (2021)
    • Product Management: Launching Your Product (2019)
  • Business Plan
    • Creating and Giving Business Presentations (2019)
    • Running a Design Business: Writing and Pricing Winning Proposals (2019) 
    • Writing a Business Case (2017) 
    • Writing a Business Report (2014) 

Videos/Learning Courses  - Access through Coursera (a Massive Open Online Courses platform)

Management Consulting Specialization courses by Emory University

  • Introduction to Management Consulting (7 hours)
  • Getting a Consulting Job (8 hours)
  • Consulting Approach to Problem Solving (7 hours)
  • Consulting Tools and Tips (7 hours)
  • Consulting Presentations and Storytelling (7 hours)

Library One-on-one Consultation

  • If you have any questions about using business databases, please make an appointment with Henry Huang, Business Librarian at NYU Shanghai.

S&P 5th Annual Corporate Valuation Challenge

The Corporate Valuation Challenge is an annual national competition hosted by S&P Global Market Intelligence in China. Each team (with a maximum of five members) will produce a detailed financial valuation report in English with supporting analysis for the publicly-traded firm they have selected from the approved list. Teams must use the S&P Capital IQ platform, S&P Capital IQ Pro, Price Viewer, and Excel® Plug-in to do the analysis. NYU Libraries subscribed to S&P Capital IQ and Excel® Plug-in. S&P Capital IQ Pro and Price Viewer will be provided by the vendor for participants during the competition. The top 8 winners can receive cash prizes and certificates. More information, including the list of approved firms and FAQs, can be found here.


  • Sept. 1 - 27, 6 PM (Beijing Time) Registration
  • Sept. 21, 5 PM and Oct. 11, 5 PM, Platform Online Training 
  • Oct. 10 - 30 Submissions
  • Nov. 1 - 30 Report Review
  • Mid Dec. Winners Announced

Registration Information

  • Sign-Up Form 
    • The registration page is only available in Chinese and will be closed earlier than the deadline if there are overwhelming responses.
    • You need to find a faculty member (business, economics, IMB) as the supervisor for your team.
    • If you need any language support, you can contact me at or ask your Chinese classmates for help.
    • The final report should be written in English.
  • Case Content Rubric
  • Email the organizer through for any competition-related questions.

Supporting Resources

Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance

The Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance (YICGG) is a global competition that aims to provide an opportunity for those aspiring students who are interested in global governance to interpret and spread their ideas. It was first launched by Chinese university students in 2007, sponsored by United Nations Development Programme and Shanghai Rong Chang Public Welfare Foundation, and organized by School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University. 

All participants will receive certificates verifying their participation. Outstanding participants will also be awarded the Best Award of Governance (BAG), Most Innovative Team (MIT, guaranteed participation in YICGG2025), Ignite Talk King/Queen (ITK/Q, access to the final next year as youth representatives and a generous bonus) and Most Valuable Project (access to the final next year as youth representatives and a generous bonus).

Theme in 2024: Global AI Governance: A New Era of Responsibility, Challenge and Cooperation

Recommended Topics: AI in Economic Enhancement and High-Quality Development; Political Construction and Efficient Governance; Enhancing Social Life and Quality of Life; Cultural Development and Civilized Prosperity; Eco-Governance and Promoting Harmonious Coexistence between Humans and Nature. (Read Attachment 1 for a detailed description)


  • April 21, 2024 Deadline for Registration
  • April 28, 2024 Deadline for Proposal Submission
  • May 17, 2024 Announcement of Preliminary Results (Before this day)
  • May 22, 2024 Confirmation of Attendance in the Final (Read Attachment 2 for Arrangement in the Final Round) 

    * All candidates will have 5 days to decide whether to proceed to the final round on July 22-26 in Hungary, co-hosted by the School of International Relations and Public Affairs of Fudan University, the Central Bank of Hungary, John von Neumann University and Budapest Metropolitan University. The number of finalists, typically around 60, is determined annually based on proposal quality and hosting capacity, subject to adjustment by YICGG2024 Committee.

Registration Information

  • Participants must be undergraduates or graduates currently enrolled in accredited colleges worldwide.
  • Applicants have the choice to participate in the Preliminary Round either as a team or individually. Team participation is limited to no more than 3 members. Teams can be formed across schools or universities if all team members are eligible for the competition.
  • Submit your registration form to (Download the Form in Attachment 3) by April 21, 2024
  • Submit your proposal in English to (Read Attachment 4 for Proposal Requirement) by April 28, 2024
  • No application fee is required. Single-way Tickets To Hungary & Official Itinerary, Meals, and Accommodation in the final are also covered. You can apply for one out of the four YICGG subsidies (Read Attachment 5 for a detailed description) here and Social Impact Internship Grant to get funded for the tickts.

Recommended Readings ​​​​​

  • Journal Articles (APA Style)
    • Büthe, T., Djeffal, C., Lütge, C., Maasen, S., & Ingersleben-Seip, N. V. (2022). Governing AI – attempting to herd cats? Introduction to the special issue on the Governance of Artificial Intelligence. Journal of European Public Policy, 29(11), 1721–1752.
    • Cheng, J., & Zeng, J. (2023). Shaping AI’s Future? China in Global AI Governance. Journal of Contemporary China, 32(143), 794–810.
    • Choi, H., & Park, M. J. (2023). To govern or be governed: An integrated framework for AI governance in the public sector. Science and Public Policy, 50(6), 1059–1072.
    • Gill, A. S., & Germann, S. (2022). Conceptual and normative approaches to AI governance for a global digital ecosystem supportive of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). AI and Ethics, 2(2), 293–301.
    • Lane, L. (2023). Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights: Corporate Responsibility in AI Governance Initiatives. Nordic Journal of Human Rights, 41(3), 304–325.
    • Kuziemski, M., & Misuraca, G. (2020). AI governance in the public sector: Three tales from the frontiers of automated decision-making in democratic settings. Telecommunications Policy, 44(6), 101976.
  • LinkedIn Learning Courses
    • Introduction to AI Governance (2024)
    • Introduction to Auditing AI Systems (2023)
    • Leveraging AI for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (2024)
    • Responsible AI to the Rescue (2023)
    • Securing the Use of Generative AI in Your Organization (2024)