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WIND Guide

Learn how to access and use WIND Terminal at NYU Libraries.

WIND Guide in English

This is a simple guide covering how to navigate the Wind Financial Terminal (henceforth abbreviated as WIND) in our Library. If you have any questions, you can speak to someone at the NYU Shanghai Library desk, or email 


The WIND Terminal is available for use at NYU Shanghai Library (4F) for NYU faculty, staff, and students. 

Log into Windows with your NYU netID. 

Open the Wind Financial Terminal application. Look for its red icon on the desktop. 

Visit NYU Shanghai Library Terminal Reservation Page to reserve.

The WIND Terminal is at NYU Shanghai Library . Open the Wind Financial Terminal application with the red icon. Click this image for reservation

Switching Language

You can change the interface language of Wind by clicking on

我的 > Switch system language to English 

To switch language from English to Chinese, click on Me at the top left corner, and select 切换成中文.


我的 > 系统设置 > 英文 > 关闭

To switch the language from Chinese to English, click 我的 on the top left corner, then select Switch to English

Sign out after use

Please sign out after use. Do not shut down the computer.

Click on the Windows icon at the bottom left corner and sign out after use. Do not shut down the computer.

WIND Terminal

Photograph of the WIND Terminal at NYU Shanghai Library (4F)

WIND must be used at the Windows terminal located at Shanghai Library; there is no remote access.

Reserve an appointment to use the WIND Terminal.

Login Credentials

The login credentials is automatically saved; you should not require them.

Unable to login?

Screenshot of WIND Login Settings

Speak to someone at the Library desk to get assistance to login.

WIND at NYU Stern

A WIND terminal is available to select Stern researchers at NYU NYC. Stern-affiliated users may contact Stern Center for Research Computing to inquire about access.