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Bloomberg Guide: Home

Learn how to access and use Bloomberg at NYU Libraries.

Service Update: Coronavirus

Bobst terminals currently unavailable due to facility closures. Please use alternatives listed on this page. If your course, program, or research specifically requires the use of the Bloomberg terminal, contact your instructor or advisor immediately.

What is Bloomberg?

Bloomberg is a terminal-bound financial services platform that provides analysis and quotes for equities (stocks) and indices, company and economic data for the countries of the world, real-time and historical industry and market news, and advanced analytical and data functions. It is an industry standard in the financial services and investment banking industries. NYU's terminals do not include the trading module and market data is delayed by 15 minutes.

Location of NYU Library Bloomberg Terminals

  • Bobst Library, 5th Floor: Two terminals are available in the south wing. No appointment is necessary.
    • On-site access? No.
    • Remote access? No.
  • NYU Shanghai Library, 4th Floor: The single terminal can be used physically in the Library or virtually through Bloomberg Anywhere access if you are not able to come into the building. Email with your Name and Net ID to apply for Bloomberg Anywhere access. Booking is required for both physical and virtual access.
    • On-site access? Yes.
    • Remote access? Yes (Limited to NYU Shanghai community only).
  • NYU Abu Dhabi Library, Digital Studio: Contact the Abu Dhabi Library for more information.
    • On-site access? No.
    • Remote access? Yes  (Limited to NYU Abu Dhabi community only).

Location of School-Specific Bloomberg Terminals

The following terminals are owned and administered by their respective schools (not by the library). Access policies are set by each school and may not include all members of the school's community. NYU affiliates outside of these School's communities, school alumni, and non-NYU-affiliates cannot access these terminals. No exceptions.

Stern School of Business:

  • Undergrads: Tisch 316: Four terminals. Access this room by going through Tisch 305 (Meeting Rooms).  Available only to Stern undergrads.
    • On-site access? No.
    • Remote access? Yes (Limited to Stern community only), contact Stern Helpdesk.
  • MBAs: Shimkin Hall, 2nd Floor: Four terminals are located in Robert B. Menschel/Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Room (Shimkin 2-101), which is inside the Nyman Family Reading Room (Shimkin 2-100). Available only to Stern MBAs.
    • On-site access? No.
    • Remote access? Yes (Limited to Stern community only), contact Stern Helpdesk.
  • Stern Faculty: Email Stern Research Computing for location.
    • On-site access? No.
    • Remote access? Yes (Limited to Stern community only), contact Stern Helpdesk.

Tandon School of Engineering: Rogers Hall, 2nd Floor: Twelve terminals available only to Tandon students, faculty, and staff.

  • On-site access? No.
  • Remote access? Yes (Limited to Financial and Risk Engineering (FRE) department students and Tandon faculty/staff only), contact FRE IT.

School of Professional Studies (SPS): Contact your instructor, advisor, or department chair for details. Available only to select SPS degree programs, faculty, and staff.

  • On-site access? No.
  • Remote access? Unknown.

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences: Contact your instructor, advisor, or department chair for details. Available only to Courant students, faculty, and staff.

  • On-site access? No.
  • Remote access? No.

Alternatives to Bloomberg

Not near a terminal? The following may serve as a substitute:

Bloomberg Terminal

Bloomberg Terminal monitor and keyboard

Bloomberg must be used at the terminal; there is no remote access. You can recognize the terminal by its distinctive hardware: two monitors and a color-coded keyboard.

Bobst Bloomberg Terminal Policies


  • Access is limited to currently enrolled/employed members of New York University.
    • Alumni, Friends of Bobst Library, visitors, guests, consortial borrowers (MaRLI, OCLC Shares, etc), and individuals in NYU programs without library privileges (such as continuing education "certificate" or "diploma" programs) are not eligible for access and are encouraged to visit New York Public Library's Bloomberg terminals.
  • Bloomberg terminal hours are the same as Bobst Library's "Open Stacks" hours.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, share your Bloomberg account credentials with another person or allow them to use your account.


  • Data, screenshots, reports, and other materials downloaded from the Bloomberg terminal should not, under any circumstances, be shared with individuals outside of NYU.
  • Data downloaded via the Excel API cannot be removed from the terminal (rather, only your analysis of the data may be removed).
  • Review the "Desktop API Guidelines" document (via the DAPI command) to ensure that you are in full compliance with Bloomberg's rules.


  • Please limit your use of the terminal to 25 minutes when others are waiting.
  • Unattended items at the Bloomberg terminal will be removed immediately. 
  • Individuals on the terminal who are not actively using Bloomberg may be asked to move. Users of the Bloomberg software receive first priority.
  • See also the Library's Code of Conduct.