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WIND Guide: Getting Started

Learn how to access and use WIND Terminal at NYU Libraries.

Start Screen

Using WIND

Suggested Functions

[F9] Stock > Data Center > DES 

<EDE> Stock > Data Center > Data Explorer 

<MA> Stock > Special App > Assets > Transaction > M&A Database 

<PEVC> Stock > Special App > Assets > Transaction > PE/VC Database 

Find a Company or Equity

Searching for an company or security

1. Enter the Security Ticker, <Equity>, Go

E.g. Type ‘AAPL.O’ <Enter>

2. If you don't know the ticker, enter the name of the company, click on Go, and select the firm from the list under Securities.

Screening for companies or equities

Type EQS <Enter>

You will be able to select criteria to create filters. You can select an industry sector and drill down to a specific industry, country of domicile, or any of the other options listed.

Creating a list

Click on Stock > Watchlist OR hit [F6] key.

Click on ‘My Sector’ in the top-right corner.

Click on 'New' and give your list a name.

After which, you can add using Manual Selection, or Import File.