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WIND Guide

Learn how to access and use WIND Terminal at NYU Libraries.

Frequently Used Shortcuts

Command Name / Description Command Name / Description Command Name / Description
[F1] Help Services RPP Research Report Platorm [F9] Company Snapshot
HOT Financial News [F5] Graphing [F6] My List
HOME Home [F7] Sector Management (My List) WS Wind Search

Shortcuts for Stocks

Command Name / Description
0 Global Market Overview
1 SSE & SZSE Stocks
2 HK Stocks
7 US Stocks
XSB NEEQ Overview
SHSC Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Monitor

Shortcuts for News and Information

Command Name / Description
NEWS Financial News
NA Company Filings
RPP Research Report Platform
LAW Laws & Regulations
IPO IPO Center
STC Stock Market Calendar

Shortcuts for Data

Command Name / Description
EDE Stock Data Explorer
FA Financial Analysis
HPS Quotation Sequence
SEE Data Explorer
SFA Sector Financial Analysis
SES Sector Market Data

Shortcuts for Research Tools

Command Name / Description
[F9] Company Snapshot
WI Industry Center
EQS Equity Screener
CAC Corporate Action Center
BETA Beta Calculator
EVA Evaluator (loads in Excel)

Shortcuts for Special Topics?

Command Name / Description
SMO SSE & SSZE Statistical Reports - Market Overview
ECM SSE & SSZE Statistical Reports - Primary Market
SSM SSE & SSZE Statistical Reports - Secondary Market
SCF SSE & SSZE Statistical Reports - Company Finance
SCR SSE & SSZE Statistical Reports - Company Research
SEST SSE & SSZE Statistical Reports - Earnings Forecast
SMA SSE & SSZE Statistical Reports - M&A and Reorganization
MMO SSE & SSZE Statistical Reports - Margin Trading & Short Selling
SIR SSE & SSZE Statistical Reports - Institutional Research
SECI Securities Industry Insight
NEES NEEQ Statistics
HKMO HK Stocks Statistical - Market Overview
HKPM HK Stocks Statistical - Securities Issuance
HKSM HK Stocks Statistical - Secondary Market

Shortcuts for Macro

Command Name / Description
ECO Global Economic Calendar
EDBC Economic Database (China Data)
EDBI Economic Database(Industry Data)
EDBG Economic Database (Global)
EDD Economic Data Explorer
EDR Macro Statistics Report
CLDB China Land Database
WMDL Medical Laboratory [no access]
WBR Belt & Road [no access]

Shortcuts for Private Equity & Enterprises

Command Name / Description
MA M&A Database
PEVC PE/VC Database
CEL Chinese Enterprise List (中国企业库)
ERDB Enterprise Ranking Database
PEOP People

Shortcuts for Investor Relations

Command Name / Description
MVM Market Cap Monitor
POM Public Opinion Monitor
INSM Institutional View Monitor
SHDA Shareholder Data Analysis