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WIND Guide: Excel Add-in

Learn how to access and use WIND Terminal at NYU Libraries.

Excel Add-in Ribbon

Open Excel 2016. Wind Info should appear as an Excel ribbon heading.

If you require an English interface, exit from Excel, and ensure that the WIND application system language is in English. Open Excel again.

Custom Report example

WIND allows you to import a list of securities from Excel. In this example, I have selected a list (range) of stock codes from SSE & SZSE. Click on Import to populate the stock codes into the wizard. Move the items over from the Optional list to the Selected list.

Next, pick the indicators you require. The search box at the bottom left corner is useful if you have the WIND mnemonic at hand – e.g. the mnemonic for CSRC Industry Name is 'industry_CSRC12'. Otherwise, expand on the list and try to find the indicators you require. 

Finally, decide what you use for the data to appear – existing or new worksheet – and how you'd like the layout of the data to appear.