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Chemistry (New York, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai)

This is a guide for finding books, articles, and data in chemistry. It also includes links to download ChemDraw and other software, and information about using the proxy prefix and bookmarklet for off-campus access.

General Chemical and Physical Properties

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

Includes conversion factors, physical properties for organic and inorganic compounds, synonym indexes for organic and inorganic compounds, CAS numbers, Merck numbers, and Beilstein numbers for organic and inorganic compounds.


Includes information from the Combined Chemical Dictionary, Polymers: A Property Database, and Properties of Organic Compounds.


Searches properties data (physical, chemical, spectral) as well as links to relevant citations, as well as purchasing and regulatory information. You can search by keyword, topic, structure or other chemical identifier.


Includes the databases Beilstein (organic) and Gmelin (inorganic/organometallic), searchable by chemical structure, formula, physical property parameters, chemical reaction, as well as bibliographic data. You can also generate chemical structure from a name.


Searches large collection of online handbooks (including tables of properties, some spectra)

Synthesis Info and Tools


Includes dynamic synthesis planner to design the optimum synthesis route and multi-step reaction tools to identify precursor reactions underlying synthesis of target compounds. Searchable by structure, formula, and reaction.

Organic Syntheses 

Includes detailed, reliable and peer-reviewed procedures for the synthesis of organic compounds.

Science of Synthesis (Houben-Weyl methods of Molecular Transformations)

Contains extensive review chapters on methods of organic synthesis, with full experimental procedures and background information. Browsable by a hierarchical table of contents as well as searchable by structure and keyword.

e-EROS Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis 

Has detailed information on more than 4,500 reagents and catalysts.


NIST Chemistry Webbook

These spectra from the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology can be searched by chemical name, molecular formula, CAS #, and selected physical property data. Spectra: IR (16,000), MS (15,000), UV (1,600)

Spectral Database for Organic Compounds, SDBS

About two-thirds of the compounds in this database from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan) contain 6 - 16 carbon atoms. Lab measurement details are provided. The database can be searched by variety of parameters (compound name, molecular formula, molecular weight, CAS #, nmr peak positions, mass number, etc. Spectra: ESR (2,000), 1H NMR (13,900), 13C NMR (12,000), IR (49,000), MS (21,800), Raman (3,500)

EPA Reference Absorbance Spectra

This covers spectra of 189 air pollutants mandated by Title III of the Clean Air Act. Spectra are grouped by chemical name, CAS # and molecular formula. Experimental measurement details such as cell path length, temperature, and concentration (ppm) are provided. Spectra are in spc format and are viewed using a free Windows-compatible viewer called ShowSPCSpectra: FT-IR (189 interferograms)