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Chemistry (New York, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai)

This is a guide for finding books, articles, and data in chemistry. It also includes links to download ChemDraw and other software, and information about using the proxy prefix and bookmarklet for off-campus access.

Why is off-campus access different?

Many online journals and databases require subscriptions (which NYU Libraries pays for) to get access. 

If you are on campus, access can be relatively seamless since authentication is usually established by IP address (e.g. if you have an NYU IP address, the publisher recognizes it and lets you in). 

If you are off campus, then you need to be routed through the Libraries' proxy server, so that you can be authenticated after providing your NYU NetID and password. This page describes the main ways to do this.

Note: The proxy prefix and bookmarklet will only allow access to fulltext if NYU Libraries has a subscription to the resource. To see what online resources NYU Libraries has access to, use the "Books and More" catalog search box in the center of the library homepage

Proxy prefix

Another way to get your browser to route you through the library proxy server (while off-campus) is to add this "proxy prefix" in front of the URL:

  1. For example, if the URL of an article is:
  2. Then you can edit the URL to look like this:

This new URL will prompt off-campus users to login with their NYU NetID and password, and then give them the same access as they would have on campus.

Proxy bookmarklet

Another way to get your browser to route you through the library proxy server (while off-campus) is by adding a "proxy bookmarklet" to your browser. Then, whenever you reach a publisher's page for an article while off-campus, you can click on this bookmarklet, and login with your NYU NetID and password for the same access you would have on campus. 

To add the proxy bookmarklet:

  • Drag this link: NYULib Proxy to the browser's toolbar, or
  • Right-click on this link: NYULib Proxy and choose "Bookmark this Link" (Firefox) or "Add to Favorites" (Internet Explorer). If the links or favorites toolbar is not visible in your browser, you can try to enable it under Options > Bookmarks Toolbar (Firefox) or View > Toolbars (Internet Explorer).

If you are on a touch device, or unable to click or drag links, you can create a bookmark, and edit the bookmark's URL to contain the following line of code instead of a web address: javascript:void(location=''+location)


  • You might see a security alert that the "favorite may not be safe", although it is. Click "yes" to continue.
  • The bookmarklet is compatible with most web browsers and platforms, as long as your bookmarks or favorites allow javascript.
  • You can also save the bookmarklet in your bookmarks folder instead of in the toolbar.