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Business in Contemporary China

This page is a starting point for students researching Chinese industries, consumers, and companies.

Market Research (Subscribed Databases)

Mintel Academic

  • Luxury for Gen Z (China – March 2021 Report)
  • Luxury Accessories (China - September 2020 Report)
  • Luxury Cars (China – June 2019 Report)
  • Luxury Retailing (China – September 2016 Report)
  • Luxury Holidays (China – June 2018 Report)
  • Lifestyles of Luxury Car Owners (China - May 2020 Report)
  • Consumer Attitudes towards Luxury (China – May 2017 Report)
  • Attitudes towards Luxury (China – July 2019 Report)

Look through the executive summaries. For the full report, you need to add them to the cart to collate your customized report.

  • Luxury Goods in China (Country Report, 12 Jan 2021)
    • Experiential Luxury in China
    • Luxury Foodservice in China
    • Luxury Hotels in China
    • Fine Wines/Champagne and Spirits in China
    • Premium and Luxury Cars in China
    • Personal Luxury in China
    • Designer Apparel and Footwear (Ready-To-Wear) in China
    • Luxury Eyewear in China
    • Luxury Jewellery in China
    • Luxury Leather Goods in China
    • Luxury Portable Consumer Electronics in China
    • Luxury Timepieces in China
    • Luxury Writing Instruments and Stationery in China
    • Super Premium Beauty and Personal Care in China

Market Research (Recommended)

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