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Business in Contemporary China

This page is a starting point for students researching Chinese industries, consumers, and companies.

Business News

Caixin Global

  • Up-to-date financial and business news in China by Caixin Media, the Company Index module covers +1,000 multinational companies news in China since 2010.
  • Using NYU email address to create a free account first
  • 财新网 also available, independent from its English version, including the magazine 财新周刊
  • App access: Yes
  • Podcast: China Biz Roundup, China Stories, Caixin-Sinica Business Brief

China Briefing

  • Part of Asia Briefing, hosts a wealth of business intelligence on legal, tax, and operational issues in China from a practical perspective
  • Free online source, but registration is required to view China Briefing Magazine and other publications
  • App access: Yes, accessed through the module of Asia Briefing

China Core Newspapers

  • A platform for browsing 617 Chinese popular newspapers starting from 2000
  • Featured Titles: 人民日报, 光明日报, 经济日报, 中国教育报, 中国人口报, 中国证券报, 中国青年报, 环球时报, 解放日报, 解放军报, 文汇报, 东方早报, 上海证券报, 第一财经日报
  • No registration required
  • App access: No

The China Project

  • Formerly known as SupChina, is a New York-based, China-focused news and information platform for global audiences with topics including business, technology, politics, culture, and society of China
  • No registration required
  • App access: No
  • Podcast: Café & Seda, Caixin-Sinica Business Brief, China Corner Office, The China-Global South Podcast, The China in Africa Podcast, China Sports Insider Podcast, China Stories, Sinica, Strangers in China, Tech Buzz China by Pandaily, You Can Learn Chinese

People’s Daily/人民日报

  • Published daily issues that China's central government announces its policies and disseminates governmental, political, and economic messages to the public and the world with archives back to 1946 and in full-text search
  • No registration required
  • App access: No


  • A platform for browsing newspapers and magazines from 150 countries and in 65 languages, including a few from China 
  • Featured Titles: Beijing Review, China Daily, Global Times, Global Times - Weekend, 证券市场周刊, 每日经济新闻, 中国证券报, 中国经济学人, 哈佛商业评论, 第一财经, 数字商业时代, 经理人, 销售与市场, 理财, 中国商人, 中国商界, 中国金融, 新财富, 中国外汇, 现代商业银行
  • No registration required
  • App access: Yes

South China Morning Post

  • News and insights from Hong Kong, China and the world
  • For online news articles from, users should choose NewsBank and Lexis Advance to access the full text
  • No registration required
  • App access: No
  • Podcast: Inside China, China Geopolitics, Eat Drink Asia, Post Books Podcast, Behind the Story, Inside China Tech, Asia Briefing, The Adventure Trail, Morning Studio

The Wire China

  • Stories of China's economic rise, and its influence on global business, finance, trade, labor and the environment
  • No registration required
  • App access: No

Yicai Global

  • Insightful information and analysis of the economy, finance, tech, startups, and entrepreneurs since 2016 by Yicai Media Group, the financial news arm of Shanghai Media Group.
  • No registration required
  • 第一财经 also available, independent from its English version.
  • App access: Yes

Other Sources That Include News on China Business

Note: “App access: Yes” means you can access the content for free through the app on your mobile devices. “App access: No” means no app available or not for free.

Company & Financial Information

Industry Information

Marketing Information

Statistics & Datasets

Major City Statistics in China

  • Beijing Statistical Yearbook (Chinese 2005-, English 2008- )
  • Changsha Statistical Yearbook (Chinese 2014-)
  • Chengdu Statistical Yearbook (Chinese 1998-)
  • Chongqing Statistical Yearbook (Bilingual 2000-)
  • Guangzhou Statistical Yearbook (Chinese 1949-, Bilingual 2000-)
  • Hangzhou Statistical Yearbook (Chinese 1999-, Bilingual 2001-)
  • Hefei Statistical Yearbook (Chinese 1998-)
  • Nanjing Statistical Yearbook (Chinese 2006-)
  • Ningbo Statistical Yearbook (Bilingual 2003-)
  • Qingdao Statistical Yearbook (Chinese 2006-, Bilingual 2011-)
  • Shanghai Statistical Yearbook (Chinese 2004-, English 2009-)
  • Shenyang Statistical Yearbook (Chinese 2016-)
  • Shenzhen Statistical Yearbook (Bilingual 2010-)
  • Suzhou Statistical Yearbook (Bilingual 2002-)
  • Tianjin Statistical Yearbook (Bilingual 2002-)
  • Wuhan Statistical Yearbook (Bilingual 2010-)
  • Xi'an Statistical Yearbook (Chinese 2014-, English 2013-)
  • Xiamen Statistical Yearbook (Chinese 2003-)
  • Zhengzhou Statistical Yearbook (Chinese 1999-)

Financial Terminals

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias