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Machines and Society

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In order to effectively respond to the rapid evolution of generative AI tools, our faculty can take the following suggestions into consideration when teaching.

Clear expectations

Tools like ChatGPT could be a great support for students in good will; however, they may be misused. No matter what your decision in usage of the AI tools is in your class, we recommend you give clear expectations in your syllabi and in the class.

Restructure the teaching to focus more on transversal skills, such as:

  • Critical and innovative thinking
  • Interpersonal skills, including presentation and communication skills, organizational skills, and teamwork
  • Intrapersonal skills, including self-discipline, enthusiasm, perseverance, and self-motivation
  • Global citizenship, including tolerance, openness, respect for diversity, and intercultural understanding
  • Media and information literacy, including the ability to locate and access information, and to analyze and evaluate media content

Assessment and learning activities could be designed to reveal and improve these skills.

Restructure the assessments

  • Restructure assessments for longer works where students produce in-person writing samples and turn in iterative versions that indicate a thoughtful response to peer or instructor feedback.
  • Try to use highly specific and localized prompts in assessment topics.
  • Build in credit for non-writing opportunities to demonstrate learning, such as oral responses, multimedia projects, and peer responses.

NYU practices

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At NYU Shanghai, a commitment to excellence, fairness, honesty, and respect within and outside the classroom is essential to maintaining the integrity of our community. NYU Shanghai expects and requires its students to adhere to the highest standards of scholarship, research, and academic conduct. Essential to the process of teaching and learning is the periodic assessment of students’ academic progress through measures such as papers, examinations, presentations, and other projects. Students may get support from generative A.I. tools in the learning process for inspiration or guidance, but your final submitted assessment must be your own work, creation, and analysis.


Angela Wang
Digital Learning Manager