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Machines and Society

A growing guide on the latest in data-driven research and emerging technologies at the intersection of society, information and technology.

Tool inventory

Curated lists of generative AI models, applications, and datasets.

  • Awesome Generative AI is a curated list of modern generative AI projects and services.
  • Futurepedia is an AI tools directory and is updated daily.
  • Ecosystem Graphs is an ongoing effort to track the foundation model ecosystem, namely both the assets (datasets, models, and applications) and their relationships. 
  • The AI Revolution is a selection of AI breakthroughs, projects, and applications.
  • AiToolkit is an AI tools list filtered by category.
  • Hugging Face Models provides a list of pre-trained models for fine-tuning. 
  • ModelScope is an open source platform that provides interfaces and implementations for exploring, inferring, training, deploying, and applying machine learning models. It aims to bring together advanced AI models from various fields and streamline the process of using them in real-world applications. ModelScope seeks to build an open source model community where people can find, learn, customize, and share models they are interested in. It is an alternative to Hugging Face that is available in China.
  • The Generative AI Market Map summarizes the use cases of AI on both the consumer and enterprise sides. It also includes a Generative AI Infrastructure Stack that maps developers’ tools to build generative AI applications.
  • LLMs in China documents the development of LLMs in China, and includes information such as the category and access method for each model. 


Open LLMs in China, including open-source models or commercial products available to the public


  • Poe by Quora, providing access to several text-generating A.I. models, including ChatGPT, GPT-4, Claude, and Google-PaLM.
  • Perplexity AI
  • GPT4All is an user-friendly way to use local LLMs.

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