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Machines and Society

A growing guide on the latest in data-driven research and emerging technologies at the intersection of society, information and technology.


Welcome to "Machines and Society". This platform serves as an entry point to resources for emerging topics in data-driven research where technology, information, and society intersect, such as the popular ChatGPT. Our collection of guides are tailored to address critical needs that arise from the use and consumption of information and data for users with all levels of experience with technology. When it comes to a technology or an approach, these guides attempt to answer four questions: What is it? How does it work? How to use it? How much can we trust it to help us?

The guides on this site encompass a wide range of topics.

Large Language Models summarizes the development of LLMs leading to GPT models, and discusses the social implications of LLMs.

Gen AI for Research and Creative Use provides resources, summaries, and examples of how to use ChatGPT for scholarly and creative purposes in academic settings. The guide uses ChatGPT as an example to illustrate how to apply AI assistants based on LLMs to data-driven research, web development, visual design, and solving problems and enhancing productivity in one's life and work.   

Emerging A.I. Tools for Teaching and Learning provides an overview of practical and innovative A.I. tools and technologies that are relevant to teaching and learning. It includes a tool inventory of chatbots, and summaries of image generators and local LLMs for text and image generation.

Generative A.I. and Society provides a variety of resources centered around generative A.I. and its implications for creativity, governance, and business, including industry reports, books, papers, and the transcript of the panel discussion A.I. Computes. But Does It Create? hosted by the NYU Shanghai Library.

Computational Social Research provides an array of methodological and technical instruments as well as a collection of seminal studies from prominent areas within this dynamic field for reference and inspiration. 

These guides are also accompanied by several ongoing series of information and data literacy programs, curated by the NYU Shanghai Library. Join us on this journey of discovery and stay informed about the latest developments!


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