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Data Management Planning: DATA MANAGEMENT PLAN

Information on best practices and standards for data management planning.

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A data management plan (DMP) is a critical part of your grant application which outlines how you will collect, organize, manage, store, secure, backup, preserve, and share your data. But what is data? Read all about how NYU and the federal government defines research data here.

The particular requirements of a DMP will vary among funding agencies, so it is best to always consult the agency's resources for their specific needs. However there are a few common attributes to all data management plans, including:

  • An overview of the formats and types of data to be produced.

  • Research methodology (data collection, processing, and analyzing).

  • Roles & responsibilities in regards to data collection, description, processing, analyzing, and disseminating. 

  • Standards you will use to describe your data (metadata).

  • Storage and backup procedures. 

  • Long-term archiving and preservation plan. 

  • Access policies and provisions for secondary uses.

  • Security measures taken to protect data and/or participant confidentiality.

NYU's Policy on Retention of and Access to Research Data outlines in some detail NYU's position on the research output of its community members. This policy dictates that NYU must retain research data in enough detail and for a long enough period of time to respond to questions about accuracy, authenticity, primacy, and compliance with laws and regulations governing the conduct of the research and to establish priority for patentable items. This policy also states the PI is responsible for determining what needs to be retained under this policy. 


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