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Dibner Art Showcase

Student-Led Art Project at Dibner Library


Banner on watercolor background. On the left, a purple circle featuring white text: Dibner Art Showcase. On the right, text stating: On Display! Come check out all the beautiful original art pieces created by NYU students! Nov 11, 2022 - Jan 20, 2023. Dibner Library, 3rd Floor of 5 MetroTech.

Exhibition Overview

Dibner Art Showcase Fall 2022: A Showcase of Student Art

The Dibner Art Showcase is a student-led exhibition for the Fall 2022 semester hosted by NYU Tandon's Bern Dibner Library. Students will be challenged to submit art pieces that apply to the theme "Hope". Following a selection process, participants will be invited to a reception at Dibner and their submissions will be displayed throughout the library over the Fall 2022 semester. 


Andrea Anghel: 

Andrea Anghel is a Senior in her last semester as a Business and Technology Management Bachelor’s student, with a concentration in Technology Management and Strategy. Andrea is a LEAD Student Assistant at Dibner Library, with a background as a seasoned summer camp counselor. Passionate and intense, she’s an artist to the core, diligently seeking learning opportunities and creative challenges to expand her skills and knowledge. With interests in writing, illustration, character design, and all mediums of studio art, as well as math and STEM subjects, Andrea attempts to cultivate the best of all these worlds in both herself and her Tandon community while integrating these perspectives into her business career.

Darwin Fermin: 

Darwin Fermin is a Senior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Civil & Urban Engineering with a minor in Construction Management. Whenever he’s not at school studying or working as a Student Assistant at Dibner, you can find him biking around the city or capturing moments with his camera (sometimes both at the same time!). Though interested in various forms of visual art, he mainly practices photography and is always looking for ways to sharpen and expand his repertoire of skills. Darwin believes in the story telling power of visual art, and is hoping the Tandon community will use this exhibition as a way to display their skills and tell their own stories.

Reference Images

The images below were captured by the curators and could be used as references for what we are looking for within submissions:

Photo of old woman with gray hair with white streaks tied into a bun wearing red framed glasses, sitting in a wheelchair in the park, cradling a small brown dog.

Photo credit: Darwin Fermin

Photo of 4 old women, 3 wearing headscarves, chatting posed in front of a red convertible with a yellow New York state license.

Photo credit: Darwin Fermin

Black and white photo of the Brooklyn Bridge from under an overpass.

Photo credit: Darwin Fermin