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Dibner Art Showcase

Student-Led Art Project at Dibner Library.


Purple banner for Dibner Art Showcase Reception on Tuesday, November 14 from 1-2pm in LC400 in 5 MetroTech Center. Attend our Gallery Walk at the Dibner Art Showcase and meet talented student artists whose artwork will be displayed. Don't miss out on the refreshments

RSVP to attend the Dibner Art Showcase Opening Reception where we will be showcasing the art of 13 NYU student artists and unveiling the community art piece students have contributed to.

What is the Dibner Art Showcase?

The Dibner Art Showcase is an annual student-led exhibition hosted by NYU Tandon's Bern Dibner Library. For Fall 2023, students will be challenged to submit art pieces that apply to the theme "Self". Who are you? How do you identify and what does that mean to you? What do you want people to know and reflect on?

Accepted mediums include:

  • Photography

  • Paintings and Drawings

  • Collages and Zines

  • Video (no audio, can have subtitles) and GIFs

  • Digital graphics

  • Sculptures

  • Music

  • Poetry

  • Short story (max 2,500 words)

Following a selection process, participants will be invited to a reception at Dibner and their submissions will be displayed throughout the library over the Fall 2023 semester. 


DDestiny Iheakanwa headshot.estiny Iheakanwa: 

Destiny is a Junior pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Biomolecular Science at New York University. During the school year, she works as a Lead Student Assistant at the Bern Dibner Library where she was able to explore her love for history during archive-related events. An avid learner, she enjoys watching video essays and learning about how the art produced in an era is shaped by the people who lived. Because of this, she spends a lot of time visiting museums. She also enjoys exploring different media for displaying art as her love for it bloomed from a somewhat unconventional one - fashion.




KatrKatrina Ramirez, medium length curly brown-red hair female with hoop earrings, a sun necklace wearing a brown shirt and white cardigan, standing in front of a brick wall.ina Ramirez: 

Katrina Ramirez is a Junior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Design & Media. She is the Marketing Specialist at Dibner Library and loves being able to work there, as libraries hold a special place in her heart. She has a variety of interests, but all of them lead to one thing, storytelling. Whether it is through graphic design, sketch comedy, live theatre, literature, or the virtual worlds of games, storytelling is something that she will always be passionate about. She hopes that the Tandon community will use this exhibition as an opportunity to share the story of how they view themselves, in a way that not everyone can see.