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Dibner Art Showcase

Student-Led Art Project at Dibner Library.

Terms and Conditions

The Library reserves the right to cancel any scheduled display providing the participant receives 7 days’ notice.  

By granting use of display space, the Library neither advocates nor endorses the viewpoints of any display or exhibit.

The Library does not discriminate based on doctrinal point of view expressed by an exhibit and hereby endorses the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights and the ALA interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights as related to library exhibit spaces.

The Library reserves the right to accept or reject the contents of each display submission

Examples of prohibited display submissions

  • Sale of merchandise 
  • Threats of violence or intimidation of any individual or group
  • Interference with normal library activities 
  • Lack of adherence to U.S. Copyright laws

The library will remove any materials or displays violating these policies from the display cases immediately. If a group or an individual violates the policies or procedures associated with the gallery area/display case, future use of the gallery area/display case will not be permitted.