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Dibner Art Showcase

Student-Led Art Project at Dibner Library.


Joel Ureña: 

Joel Urena Headshot.Joel Ureña is a Senior and Opportunity Programs scholar majoring in Integrated Digital Media at the Tandon School of Engineering. During his time at Tandon, Joel has become a Lead Student Assistant at the Bern Dibner Library, a teaching assistant and networking deputy for the General Engineering department and he's successfully campaigned for the role of School Senator during the 2018-2019 academic year. He'd like to continue working to increase community engagement on campus beyond his time at NYU. Joel, a lifelong New Yorker, took images of the neighborhoods and boros he considers home, his childhood neighborhood of Bedford Park up in the Bronx, his current neighborhood of Fort Greene in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan where he attended high school. 



Brandon Diaz: 

Headshot of Brandon Diaz.Brandon Diaz is a Senior pursuing a bachelor’s degrees degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Management. Brandon is a Lead Student Assistant at the Bern Dibner Library, a former licensed real estate agent at Exit Realty, and a recording artist. With a passion for art and business, he is always looking for more opportunities to involve himself in projects that allow him to not only express himself artistically, but help his peers express themselves beyond what is academically required from them at NYU. As a native New Yorker, Brandon has found himself considering many parts of New York “home”. Having lived in Queens, Manhattan, and Long Island, he calls many corners of the land home and exemplifies this in the images he’s taken.

Theme: Home

Challenge Statement

To foster artistic expression amongst Tandon School of Engineering students and to visually demonstrate the meaning of "Born Anywhere Made in Brooklyn". 

Why is the theme "Home"?

On May 17th 1853, the NYU Tandon School of Engineering was established and in the near two centuries since, through many name changes and expansions, the institution continues at home in Brooklyn. Students come to NYU Tandon to take on the mantle of future creators and innovators, regardless of where one is from, the institution welcomes all with open arms. We'd like to embrace and further the mission of "Born Anywhere Made in Brooklyn" by asking students to create visually compelling compositions of what they consider home. Whether it's the view from one's bedroom window, the neighborhood one grows up in or the sights found in one's commute, we want to showcase what students call "Home". 

Reference Images

The images below were captured by the curators and should be used as references for what we are looking for within submissions:

East Meadows Long Island - By Brandon Diaz.

East Meadows, Long Island - Brandon Diaz

Image of the West Village in NYC - Brandon Diaz.

West Village, NYC - Brandon Diaz

Image of Chinatown, NYC - Brandon Diaz.

Chinatown, NYC - Brandon Diaz

Image of Downtown Manhattan - Brandon Diaz.

Downtown Manhattan - Brandon Diaz