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Dibner Art Showcase

Student-Led Art Project at Dibner Library.

Art Showcase Theme: Self

Challenge Statement

To cultivate artistic thought and creative expression amongst Tandon School of Engineering students and to demonstrate through the theme of "Self".

Why is the theme "Self"?

NYU Tandon has a slogan - "Born Anywhere, Made in Brooklyn." In 2019, the Dibner Art Showcase focused on the former of the slogan with the central theme of "Home". Students were invited to share art pieces to communicate where they came from. In this year's showcase, we would like to focus on the latter part, "Made in Brooklyn". We invite students to share the person at NYU today. Each person is unique and everyone's stories matter. Every experience you have, every person you meet, everything you see or hear in passing shapes you to a certain extent. Everyone deserves to have their stories told. Everyone deserves to have a chance to show who they are and leave an imprint on the world. Please share your(Self).

Why in the Library?

Libraries are inherently spaces of and by the community. This allows for the photographs to be seen by as many of your fellow NYU students as possible and furthers NYU's mission to create safe, interesting and inclusive spaces for all students.

Are There Any Costs Involved?


No, students are only asked to contribute their images. The costs of printing, framing and displaying the images will all be incurred by the Dibner Library.