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Jack Brause Library for Real Estate

NYU's Jack Brause Library is one of the preeminent real estate libraries in North America.

Brause Reading Room

Brause Reading RoomThere are 7 group study tables, 14 individual study carrels, and 3 computer terminals located in the library's reading room, providing 53 seats for library users.  All tables are equipped with electrical outlets and Aeron chairs.

Reading room policies:

  • No food is permitted in the library.
  • Stay with your stuff. This includes books, laptops, jackets, etc. The library staff are not responsible for watching people's personal items.
  • During midterms and finals, personal belongings left at any study table longer than 15 minutes will be removed to make room for other students.
  • Please silence phones, and take all calls outside of the library.

Group Study Rooms Reservations

Brause Study Room AThe Jack Brause Library has two group study rooms, equipped with whiteboards, outlets, and wall-mounted screens. Room A seats 10 people, and Room B seats 6 people. Rooms can be booked up to four weeks in advance using the quick reserve button (above) or our online booking calendar.

Please keep in mind the library policies regarding use of these collaborative rooms:

  • Rooms can be reserved by groups of two or more currently enrolled NYU students. Visitors cannot use the rooms.

  • Food is not permitted.

  • Students can reserve a room for three hours each week.

  • Reservations will be canceled if a group is more than fifteen minutes late.

  • Do not leave personal items unattended. Unattended items will be moved to make the room available for others.

  • Be considerate: keep the noise levels reasonable; keep the door closed while having a discussion; tidy the room before you exit.

Study Rooms Entrance