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Journal Publishing

This guide supports journal publishing initiatives across NYU by providing information about the various issues involved in journal publishing, including how to access NYU services that support this work.

Marketing and Communications

Many scholars starting journals know they have good information to share. As much as we want our work to get to the right readers, we need a baseline communications plan to get the word out. You will need to determine who you are marketing to and reach out to your audience. Established publishers have departments dedicated to these efforts, but even some small steps can be taken to help develop your readership beyond the contributing authors and editors. Covering a few basics of marketing and adding helpful digital identifiers can go a long way. You don’t have to suddenly become a PR whiz or a social media influencer to reach your audience, but you need to let your readers know when and how to expect to find your materials. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a popular quest-- as noted in the Discovery & Metadata section of this guide, taking a proactive approach to metadata as you publish can help make your journal findable. Before you worry about capturing hypothetical readers via browser search, it's good to set up a system for getting your journal to the people who already want to read your content.