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Journal Publishing

This guide supports journal publishing initiatives across NYU by providing information about the various issues involved in journal publishing, including how to access NYU services that support this work.


While long term preservation is usually not an immediate concern when starting a new journal, finding the right approach is essential for ensuring that your articles remain accessible to readers in the long term.

There are many ways to approach digital preservation for a journal. Should the website remain online in perpetuity? Or just the articles themselves as files in PDF, HTML, or another format? If you are partnering with an organization that provides preservation services, what promises do they make regarding the preservation of your journal?

Content Guidelines

We are especially interested in this issue at NYU Libraries! Jonathan Greenberg and Deb Verhoff have published "Guidelines for Preserving New Forms of Scholarship," which provides thorough yet practical suggestions for making your content more preservable. These guidelines are geared toward scholarship that makes use of digital features such as embedded audiovisual content, complex interactive features, or that depend on third-party software, but may be helpful for “vanilla” digital publications as well. Contact us if you are interested in discussing how these Guidelines can be applied to your journal.

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